ETHICS / Inside out (Corporate Ethics Training)

Excerpt from session:

Google “code of conduct” and “company values” and scroll through few of the files on Ethics that international companies published online. You will never find a company, which claims to be “unethical” or to do the “wrong” thing. Then again, every week we find out a well know brand involved in a scandal, which hurts its stock performance and reputation. Smart and responsible CEOs will immediately ask their Compliance Officer “Can this happen to us?! Make sure it cannot.” Naturally, the CO will make a root-cause analysis to approach the risk correctly and come to the conclusion that a lot can be done, but best we train our key people first. Or at least make them aware of the risk and we can rely on their experience and diligence.

As a result people get constantly trained and drowned with waves or communication, but compliance and ethical failures seem not to stop. So why it is that good smart experienced people make bad decisions? And can we train them out of it?!

Discuss and find out what works in Ethics trainings, what doesn’t, what is counter-productive, and why.

Main Takeaways:

  • Training happens when learning happens
  • In moral dilemmas human brain fails in a predictable way
  • Games are fun, even when they are serious