GDPR / Sizing Up the Impact of GDPR So Far

Excerpt from session:

Many misunderstandings prevail about GDPR. Compliance departments should focus on many things. However, drilling down, the law applies in some instances and not in others. Up to now GDPR has not really lead to “better control” over personal data. It has led only to annoying consent pop-ups. But the enforcement grace period will end in 2019 and GDPR’s full impact will be felt.

The introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May last year imposed sweeping changes to how organisations are required to handle personal data, while giving greater protection and enhanced rights to individuals. Organisations are advised to ensure that they have the robust frameworks in place to stay in compliance with the new regulations—contravening GDPR can result in enforcement action by the Information Commissioner’s Office, including large fines, and even prosecution.

What’s the statistics and how organisations have been impacted by the introduction of the new data protection and privacy regulations so far?