RISK / From rules to principles to drive sustainable integrity culture on a risk basis

Excerpt from session:

Traditional policies based on rules and regulations are not sufficient any longer to protect companies and individuals. Regulators are not able to keep up with pace of current development and technology. Societies expectations are increasing. Hence going back to certain basics and making principle based decisions are more important than ever. It sounds easy but it is a huge change management and requires cultural shifts, trainings and education for all who are used to make decisions based on rules.

Understanding of the organizational culture, current and emerging trends, are absolutely a must for shaping the change. To ensure policies and cultural expectations are understandable and relevant for associates, involvement of the key stakeholders is critical for success in creating change activities.

Developing risk based training programs considering clear understanding of the businesses, key risks and knowing the training audience are important element along the journey. Constant monitoring, risk assessment, understanding of internal and external environment, what works well what does not are important to feed back for ongoing enhancements.