Giovanna Feres Crotti (BRASIL) / Second best speaker 2018 Compliance and Data Protection Consultant @ WE ETHIC

Giovanna Feres Crotti is a lawyer specialized in Corporate Law by FGV Law in Brazil and in Data Protection by Lisbon University in Portugal. Also, she is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP-I). She worked for several years in 3M Brazil, where she had multiple functions, such as being a Green Belt professional in Lean Six Sigma projects; a Paralegal, where she accumulated both corporate legal and compliance functions; and a Compliance Professional for all Latin America. Recently, she started her own Compliance and Data Protection Consultancy Firm (WeEthic), where she gives support to businesses in the implementation of robust compliance programs, including risk assessments, trainings, third-party assessments, and others. As well as giving consulting services regarding the compliance to Data Protection Laws.