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Ethics/Compliance office and other departments need to work together – 50% discount

Cooperation among the Ethics/Compliance Office and other businesses within organization is crucial for successful integration of ethical conduct into the organization and making a robust compliance program.

Collaboration of groups and departments across the organization is necessary to mitigate the risks that impact the organization. When ethics and compliance oversight fails, the effect on business operations may often be significant having both an operational and financial consequence.

Positive effects are inevitable

Therefore, multiple functions and departments (including legal, risk, audit, IT, HR) need to work together with Ethics/Compliance Office in a coordinated effort aimed at fostering ethical behavior in the organization. Ethics/Compliance Office alliances can offer strategic recommendations for managing risks and embedding ethical considerations into how organizations conduct their business. When such alliances are immanent, ethics and compliance program will have an increased positive effect on organizational culture, overall performance level will increase and employee decision making will be improved.

What is Ethics and Compliance at all? Why do we need it?

In other words, strong coalitions and partnerships between Ethics/Compliance and others can lead to positive cultural change and influence desired business outcomes. Hence, it is extremely important for other departments to be well acquainted with what ethics and compliance is, what represents, the role of it and what actually ethics and compliance does for the organization.

Being aware of such importance and in order to help ethics and compliance officers and specialists to encourage and build a solid network of allies and supporters within their organizations, CEEEC 2019 approve a 50% discount for attendances outside Ethics and Compliance area coming from other departments of the same company.